Our Firebricks are 38-42 Grade and can withstand temperatures up to 1400 degrees Celsius. Fire bricks make excellent abrasive resistant floors, such as those found on the Hearths & Floors of Pizza Ovens , wood ovens, Kilns, furnaces and other applications. We can also supply these Fireclay bricks cut to specific drawings. Cutting options are available on our website under the heading "cutting options". However please enquire if you have a special shape  you wish for us to quote. Typical analysis sheets are available upon request.   (GD stands for approximate % Alumina...... So if you see 42GD, you know the brick contains approximately 42% Alumina)

Firebrick Arch Section - 710mm x 430mm

Firebrick Arch Section - 710mm x 430mm

Firebrick Arch 42GD to make the arch shown in the diagram which can be used in pizza oven or wood ov..


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